„Appropriate architecture. Contemporary tendencies in the architecture of developing countries”

Doctoral dissertation, Krakow 2021

Author: mgr inż. arch. Jakub Turbasa
Supervisor/Promoter: prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Tomasz Kozłowski
Krakow University of Technology – Faculty of Architecture

The subject of the dissertation is the question of appropriateness in architecture with particular emphasis on design trends in developing countries. The dissertation consists of a theoretical part showing the outline of the idea of appropriateness in the history of aesthetic thought and architecture, and aiming at specifying the general characteristics of appropriate architecture. The next part of the dissertation is a description of the development of the idea of appropriateness in the twentieth century, pointing to it as the chief attribute of development, technology, the art of building or economics in the global trends emerging from the 1960s on. What has been presented is the historical background, currents of thought and personas contributing to the emergence and development of an international movement – the so-called Appropriate Technology (AT) movement. This dissertation tackles the development of the theory and practice of AT. The analysis is an attempt to show appropriateness as an important attribute in creation of architecture. Contemporary implementations in developing countries were analysed. It tries to define the characteristic features of appropriate architecture. It is an attempt to systematize and define the criteria of appropriateness and to indicate their influence on contemporary design trends.